FAQ - VMP Anthology: The Women of Motown

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If you have a question not answered here, or if you need to reach out for any other reason, drop us a line at anthology@vinylmeplease.com. 

Most Common Questions

What is VMP Anthology? 

VMP Anthology is the vinyl box set, reinvented. It aims to use music to tell a story, and gives space for lots of listening, learning, and conversation along the way.

What is Vinyl Me, Please? 

Vinyl Me, Please started as a record of the month club in 2013 and has expanded into an online record store and magazine. Click our logo in the footer to learn more.

Do I need to be a VMP member to purchase this? 

No. We built VMP Anthology as a way for all fans to experience music more deeply, and VMP membership is not required.

Why aren’t you revealing all 8 albums in the box? 

Because we’ve all bought box sets and never actually listened to all of the albums. We’re revealing the titles over time to make it easier to slow down and spend time with each record, and truly absorb why Motown and VMP selected these albums to tell the label’s story. And because we think surprises are fun.

How much is shipping? How will shipping work? 

Shipping is free in the U.S. and $40 internationally. Records will be sent in one shipment beginning in early October.

Is this available internationally? What about customs? 
Yes, shipping is available in 16 countries in addition to the U.S. (see the full list below). For international customers, customs and duties will be pre-paid and nothing will be due upon receipt.


More Anthology Questions

Can I find out the titles now if I want? 

While we aren't officially revealing the titles before the experience unfolds, we've provided a clue about each title on the Anthology page (just click on each album's "mystery icon"). We invite anyone who wants to know the titles ahead of time to use your detective skills to deduce them. We'll also have a separate, hidden space on the private fan community to discuss spoilers, for those who would like to.  

What is Afterpay? 

Afterpay is an interest-free financing option that allows you to make four bi-weekly (every two weeks) installment payments rather than one upfront payment. If you choose Afterpay at checkout, you will be redirected to the Afterpay site to create an account and to complete your payment. You won’t be charged any interest or fees, as long as your payments are made on time. At this time, Afterpay is only available for customers in the United States.

Where is the fan community being hosted?

The fan community is hosted by Discourse.org. Anthology members will need register using the same email address they used for purchasing the Anthology, and will be approved by a moderator.

How will the titles be revealed?

When the box arrives, the LPs will be separated into three episodes. Episode 1 titles will be fully revealed when you open the box, and Episode 2 and 3 titles will be wrapped in black “secrecy sleeves.” Our hope is that Anthology members will wait to open Episodes 2 and 3 until our community unboxing livestreams, which will be scheduled throughout the experience.

We understand some members won’t want to wait to open their records. We’re ok with that too - we just ask that you don’t ruin the surprise for others.

What is different about this Anthology experience compared to the Blue Note Anthology? 

We got a lot of great, constructive feedback after our first Anthology release. Based on that feedback, some of the major changes we’ve implemented include: shipping Anthology all at once (in a new shipping box) rather than over three separate shipments, moving the fan community from Facebook to Discourse.org, adding more exclusive content, allowing installment payments via Afterpay, and including liner note prints with each Episode rather than one booklet at the end. We’ve also invested much more time in the QC process this time around.

Can I cancel my order if I need to?

If you need to cancel your order, please do so within 48 hours of your purchase. Due to inventory implications, we will be unable to cancel Anthology orders after 48 hours. 

You can email us at anthology@vinylmeplease.com to request cancellation within 48 hours. 

International Customers

What countries are you shipping to?

  • U.S.A.
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Korea, Republic of
  • Japan
  • Austria
  • Poland

    Why is is there a $40 shipping surcharge?

    This covers shipping for the Anthology, as well as any customs/duties or taxes.

    VMP Membership

    Can I use VMP credits for this purchase?

    Anthology is running on a completely new eCommerce framework, so unfortunately we'll be unable to apply VMP credits to Anthology. We hope to have this available for future Anthology releases. 

    Are these records swap-able?

    You won't be able to swap any records out of the Anthology, and Anthology records will never be swap options in the future.

    I’m a VMP member. Will Anthology ship with my regular Record of the Month shipment?

    No, Anthology shipments will ship separately.

    Will I see Anthology purchases in my VMP order history? 

    No, Anthology orders won't be visible in your VMP order history at this point. You will receive an email with your tracking number when your shipment goes out. We are working towards having all Anthology, VMP store, and ROTM orders in one place soon.

    How can I become a VMP Member?
    Join up right here.