VMP Anthology

The Story of Ghostly International

Told through six iconic albums, curated by Ghostly & VMP.

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On sale through 11/8 or until it sells out. Ships for free in the U.S. starting in mid-November.

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Join us as we celebrate Ghostly's 20th anniversary

A record label is like an art museum: the work changes, but the essence of a good museum always remains.”
Sam Valenti IV Ghostly International Founder

A great series unfolds in episodes...

...and the best stories are told in chapters. We're reinventing the box set experience, as we spend four weeks exploring this iconic label through the music and stories of the artists who made it legendary. While the box will ship with all six albums inside, Episodes Two and Three will housed in secrecy sleeves that can be opened at specific points in our journey.

Ghostly Swim
Full Circle

Episode 1


Live AMA unboxing
+ podcast drop

Episode 2

Late November

Titles revealed

Live AMA unboxing 

+ podcast drop

Episode 3

Late November

Titles revealed

Live AMA unboxing

+ podcast drop

What’s included?

Exclusive Podcast Series

Featuring interviews with many of the artists featured in the box, Ghostly International staff, and founder Sam Valenti IV, Red Bull Music Academy's Vivian Host takes you through the label's history and the albums featured in our box set.

6 Albums (4 single LPs, 2 double LPs)

Limited to 500, this set was curated with Ghostly International with an eye for design and for making this a unique, special box set for the label's 20th anniversary.

Liner Note Prints

12” heavyweight prints featuring design by Michael Cina, packaged with each album and thoughtfully written by Andy Kellman.

Premium Commemorative Box

Only the best for Ghostly's 20th anniversary. This heavyweight two-piece slip and slash box is hand-numbered and features a soft-touch finish and spot gloss.

Live Unboxing AMAs

Unbox each episode live with people who can give you the inside stories of why the albums were selected for Anthology.

Bonus Discounts

First 100 buyers get a 15% off discount code for the Ghostly store.

Why haven’t you revealed the specific albums?


We created VMP Anthology for people who recognize that every album has a deep story to tell. By revealing the records slowly, we give you space to truly listen and absorb each individual masterpiece, and the opportunity to share your thoughts with others.

Tell me more about the albums?


The six albums in this Anthology were sourced from the highest quality digital source and pressed at GZ. Three of the albums, including all of Episode 3, are appearing on vinyl for the first time (the final album in the box is the most recent album announced on Ghostly International). The other three are out-of-print and hard to find.


Got a question?

VMP Anthology is the vinyl box set, reinvented. It aims to use music to tell a story, and gives space for lots of listening, learning, and conversation along the way.

VMP started as a record of the month club in 2013 and has expanded into an online record store and magazine. Click our logo in the footer to learn more.

Because we’ve all bought box sets and never actually listened to all of the albums. We’re revealing the titles over time to make it easier to slow down and spend time with each record, and truly absorb why Ghostly and VMP selected these albums to tell the label’s story. And because we think surprises are fun.

Shipping is free in the U.S. and $25 internationally. Records will be sent in one shipment beginning in mid November.

No. We built VMP Anthology as a way for all fans to experience music more deeply, and VMP membership is not required.

Yes, shipping is available in 16 countries in addition to the U.S. (view all FAQs for more details). For international customers, customs and duties will be pre-paid and nothing will be due upon receipt.

This anthology has sold out.

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