VMP Anthology

The Story of Blue Note Records

Told through six iconic albums, curated by Blue Note & VMP.

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Hear The Story of Blue Note From Don Was

Most 80-year-old cultural institutions in America survive by becoming a little grandiose. I think it is fascinating that Blue Note has basically avoided grandiosity and won.”
Ben Ratliff Grammy-nominated Jazz Writer

Join us on a six-week journey...

A great series unfolds in episodes, and the best stories are told in chapters. We’re reinventing the box set experience as Don Was (the president of Blue Note Records) takes us all on a sequential journey through each album in the box. Here’s how it will work:


Horace Silver
Horace Silver Trio

Hard Bop

Dexter Gordon
Dexter Calling

Mid May

Phase 1 Shipment + Podcast Drop

Includes Albums 1, 2 + Box

Soul Jazz

Post Bop

Early June

New Titles Revealed

Phase 2 Shipment + Podcast Drop

Includes Albums 3, 4



Mid June

New Titles Revealed

Phase 3 Shipment + Podcast Drop

Includes Albums 5,6 + Booklet

What’s included?

Exclusive Podcast Series

Dive deep into Blue Note’s story through exclusive access to a 4 episode podcast, featuring extensive interviews with Don Was and VMP’s editorial director.

7 LPs (5 single LPs, 1 double LP)

Limited to 1000, pressed on 180g black vinyl — this set was curated to represent the 6 eras of Blue Note Records by its president, Don Was. For more details about numbering and stamping, see FAQs below.

Private Fan Community

You’ll receive an invite to connect and compare notes with other fans in a private Facebook group, exclusive to buyers of this product.

12” Deluxe Liner Notes Booklet

Thoughtfully written by Grammy-nominated jazz writer, Ben Ratliff with large-scale photography. Received in the final shipment.

Premium Commemorative Box

Only the best for Blue Note Records’ 80th anniversary. The deluxe two-piece slip and slash box features a satin finish with spot UV gloss.

More Surprises

We’ll also be dropping exclusive content, AMAs, listening parties, giveaways and discounts for this group.

Why aren’t all the records displayed and shipped together?


We created VMP Anthology for people who recognize that every album has a deep story to tell. By revealing the records slowly and shipping in installments, we give you space to truly listen and absorb each individual masterpiece, and the opportunity to share your thoughts with others.

How was the audio sourced?


All six albums in VMP Anthology were remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio, and pressed at RTI on high quality 180g black vinyl. For the first five albums, Blue Note pulled the master tapes for the albums out of their vaults for an all analog remaster and pressing. For the modern jazz album, we remastered from highest quality digital source.


Got a question?

VMP Anthology is the vinyl box set, reinvented. It aims to use music to tell a story, and gives space for lots of listening, learning, and conversation along the way.

Because we’ve all bought box sets and never actually listened to all of the albums. We’re revealing the titles over time to make it easier to slow down and spend time with each record, and truly absorb why Don Was and VMP selected these albums to tell the Blue Note story.

VMP started as a record of the month club in 2013 and has expanded into an online record store and online community. Click our logo in the footer to learn more.

Originally we’d planned on foil stamping each album with our typical logo stamp. However, during the production process we realized the stamp would interfere with the album art in some cases, so we opted against it. The boxes themselves use a spot UV effect rather than a metallic stamp, which VMP and Blue Note preferred aesthetically. All boxes are also hand numbered.

No. We built VMP Anthology as a way for all fans to experience music more deeply, and VMP membership is not required.

Yes, shipping is available in 16 countries in addition to the U.S. (view all FAQs for more details). For international customers, customs and duties will be pre-paid and nothing will be due upon receipt.

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